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Sex Appeal: -noun

“immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or charm”

Judging by the audience reaction to Dick Valentine of Electric Six, it is very evident that the well-dressed front man of the Detroit-based group has total sex appeal. A sophisticated and campy mix of Tom Jones and Morrisey, but far younger than the 1960’s lothario, and more fun to hang out with than the twisted Englishman who had adolescent boys and girls everywhere (myself included) dancing to a song called “Girlfriend in a Coma.” During Electric Six’s set, Mr. Valentine jumped off the stage and made his way to the audience barricade and proceeded to embrace an admiring fan while he continued singing. The fan was Tammy Mills (musician/thespian/classic car collector/my friend) and when asked the odd question “what did he smell like?” her hands and body started to quake and she loudy declared with near demonic glee, “He smelled like a MAN!”

Now let it be known that Mr. Valentine’s sex appeal was not restricted to just the ladies in the crowd. While I was in the photo pit near the stage, I repeatedly heard screaming that sounded as if the woman was about to overdose on sexual ecstasy. My curiosity took over and I had to see who was responsible for that noise and when I turned around, much to my disbelief, I realized the lady about to explode was no lady at all, but a dude!

Dick Valentine and the rest of the crew of Electric Six controlled the crowd with disarmingly charming energy and subtle exchanges with everyone in the house. Rock….Engage….Dance….Engage……like mad dance instructors, no one was safe from their energy.

I’m sure many ladies (and a few dudes) were heartbroken when Electric Six finished their 16 song set. But that was the end of the night….lets go back to the beginning.

Pensacola rockers, CockFight opened the show sporting their most ambitious and talented lineup to date.  Leaving behind the keyboard-laced accoutrements of their earlier days, their non-stop onslaught of rock now includes three crazy guitarists, (Ethan Manns, Christopher Cole, Roy H. Clark) one insanely energetic bass player, (Adam Looney) and a beast of a drummer (Michael Lane.) They immediately got the crowd excited and moving song after song. The hard-charging tempo was cleverly mixed up when the band kicked into a soulfully slowed down version of their usually aggressive, ball rattling number entitled “Sweet Jesus.” Even though the song was slower, it still packed dynamite and this created a dynamic that had the crowd anticipating their next turn. Such is the way of a CockFight show. Anything can happen.

Following CockFight, were The Constellations from Atlanta, Georgia. If Morris Day, Chris Robinson, Andrew W. K. and Wendy & Lisa (from The Revolution, for those that don’t know about dove infested bathrooms and Raspberry Berets) were the last people on earth and had to repopulate civilization, The Constellations would be the product of their union. The Constellations are definitely trying to shake the planet, one booty at a time.

Such was the theme of the night; booty shaking and rockstars jumping off stage. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Story & Pictures -by MLS