With an upcoming show to be headlined by the Star F*cking Hipsters and The Vibrators (one of the bands born during the original British Punk rock movement), I asked show promoter “Beav”, why he decided to have an All Day Acoustic show? He replied, “I actually book shows of all genres, I just wanted to give the acoustic artists time to shine.”

On this Saturday afternoon, the audience had time to see a wide range of music. The highlight of the night was definitely the Betsy Badwater and Lang Hollowman set. Setting up the venue for the most intimate performance of the night, Badwater and Hollowman sat on two chairs in the middle of the floor, tuned their guitars and asked the audience members to gather around. No stage, no amps, nothing to interrupt the energy that was about to flow in The Handlebar this night.

The last performer of the night was Leftmore (from Colorado) whose humor and hearing where amazingly sharp. When one audience member in the back of the bar quitely made a remark about his performance, Leftmore quickly responded in a matter-of-fact way that rendered the would-be heckler speechless.

Before the night ended, “Beav” quickly jumped on stage and thanked everyone; the artists, the audience, and the entire Handlebar crew.

Story & Pictures by MLS