January 2011

* Trust Company, The Icarus Effect @ Vinyl Music Hall 01/22/11

Touring in support of a their new single “Heart in My Hands” and a soon-to-be-released album entitled “Dreaming in Black and White” Trust Company made their Vinyl Music Hall debut in front of a die-hard group of Pensacola fans. Pensacola... Continue Reading →

* Of Montreal, Yip Deceiver @ Soul Kitchen. 01/16/11

(This article is a playful review of a concert performance that contains mature themes and imagery) OF MONTREAL A Play in Three Acts Cast of Characters: -Kevin Barnes: The Dapper Frontman. Skilled in playfully gymnastic vocal delivery, guitar chops, equestrianism... Continue Reading →

* Adolescents, Lower Class Brats, Scars and Stripes @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/04/11

On the Vinyl Music Hall calendar, sandwiched between the surf punk of Agent Orange and the outlaw country of David Allan Coe, were three separate generations of punk music gathered on one stage for an energized night of music. Vinyl... Continue Reading →

* Agent Orange, It Starts Today, CockFight @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/01/11

Ghosts have to rock too? Maybe the New Year's Eve downtown celebration wasn't enough for a roaming spirit on the first night of 2011. Apparently, there is a picture floating around of a smoke filled Vinyl stage and the image... Continue Reading →

* Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, 60 Cycles of Sound, Imaginary Air Show @ Vinyl Music Hall. 12/29/10

"How Y’all Doin’?” asked Kevin Kinney, lead singer and guitarist of Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ . The Pensacola crowd quickly shouted their reply and the group jumped headfirst into their set. Three days before 2011 descended onto the world and the... Continue Reading →

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