February 2011

* Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Ty Segall, Wizzard Sleeve @ Alabama Music Box. 02/21/11

They were grabbing more than moonpies and beads on Dauphin Street during the white-hot set performed by Quintron & Miss Pussycat at the Alabama Music Box in Mobile, Alabama. Touring partners in crime, San Francisco’s Ty Segall and Mobile group... Continue Reading →

* George Porter, Jr. & The Runnin’ Pardners, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/19/11

Born the day after Christmas in 1947, George Porter, Jr. is one of the forefathers of funk. Devoting his musical career to giving gifts of groove like the performance he and his “Runnin’ Pardners” gave to Vinyl Music Hall on... Continue Reading →

* Asleep at the Wheel, Betsy Badwater and the Hillbilly Chrome @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/18/11

Who wouldn’t want Ray Benson to be their Grandpa? The man is tall and imposing enough to scare the biggest neighborhood bully, yet has a heart of gold and can turn a tale with the best of storytellers, as well... Continue Reading →

* Afroman, Unnatural Soundz, Souljah Priests @ The Handlebar. 02/17/11

Joseph Foreman, also known as Afroman, did something that no other Grammy nominated artist performing in Pensacola has ever done. He started his show by giving a shout-out to the Juggalos in attendance, performed half his set with a 40... Continue Reading →

* Edwin McCain, Charred Melon Cherries @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/11/11

There are no official statistics on how many men owe their marriage, offspring and life to Edwin McCain’s 1998 hit song “I’ll Be,” but it is easy to believe that a few of them were in attendance at Vinyl Music... Continue Reading →

* Robert Randolph And The Family Band, The Constellations @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/08/11

Dear Santa Claus, Paraphrasing boxing legend Muhammad Ali, I want you to know that "Robert Randolph is a baaaaad man!" Christmas came early this year as Vinyl Music Hall gave the gift of rock n’ soul to another sold out... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Mr. Fahrenheit, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/05/11

Amid a night of red hot music, one of the most moving moments occurred when the Louisiana bluesman paid tribute to a music legend. Before the final song of the night, Chris Thomas King shared his story of working with... Continue Reading →

* Joan of Arc, Pillars and Tongues, Hu G. Whales, Imaginary Air Show @ The Handlebar. 01/29/11

“All vegetarian bar fights!” joked Tim Kinsella before he and the rest of Joan of Arc punched into an encore that capped a cool night of music at The Handlebar. Roughly an hour before that moment and a few minutes... Continue Reading →

* Drive-By Truckers, Futurebirds @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/26/11

After sharing nearly a solid hour and a half of heartfelt songs with the Vinyl Music Hall crowd, Patterson Hood stood in front of the sold-out audience, embraced the cheers and graciously returned the adulation with a humble smile and... Continue Reading →

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