March 2011

* Nappy Roots, SubjecTmatTerS, The Icarus Effect, Georgia Gurlz @ Vinyl Music Hall. 03/26/11

Just when you thought the Nappy Roots show couldn’t get any wilder, the party took an even wilder turn when the group invited local ladies on stage, ripped a few songs and then surprise guests, The Georgia Gurlz blazed their... Continue Reading →

* Peter Murphy, Livan @ Vinyl Music Hall. 03/23/11

The Peter Murphy Show is an idea that I would like to see happen after watching the “Godfather of Goth” perform at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Florida. As the legendary frontman reached the end of his encore, a few... Continue Reading →

* Mike Watt, Lite, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu @ The Handlebar. 03/21/11

Borrowing the title from a Big Daddy Kane song, there “ain’t no half-steppin” in the artistic world of Mike Watt. In a culture where the phrase “Do It Yourself” is thrown around like confetti, Mike Watt is testament to the... Continue Reading →

* Koffin Kats, Pine Box Derby, Benedict Arnold @ The Handlebar. 03/16/2011

PBR flowed like agua from Heaven and crazy, upright bass skills were on full display as The Handlebar played host to the psychobilly madness of the Koffin Kats. From the city that gave the world the coolest cars and music,... Continue Reading →

* G. Love & Special Sauce, Andrew Greene @ Vinyl Music Hall. 03/16/11

Few artists hold the unique ingredients that are mixed into the sound of G. Love & Special Sauce. With a sold-out Vinyl Music Hall audience in his gaze, Garrett “G. Love” Dutton brought his Philly-born performing skills to Downtown Pensacola.... Continue Reading →

* The Lisps, Fabric @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 03/10/11

Vaudeville-acoustic met Improv-electronica as "The Lisps” and “Fabric” shared a bill at Sluggo's and talked about Civil-War sci-fi, “nice-sex” advice from mom, artistic passion, peanut butter and more. If the ghost of Samuel Beckett possessed the players of Prairie Home... Continue Reading →

* Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Green Sunshine @ Vinyl Music Hall. 03/05/11

Big Sam Williams got down....literally. The cool and charismatic frontman of Big Sam’s Funky Nation jumped off the stage, got down on the floor and danced with the Vinyl Music Hall crowd during a set that had the Mardi Gras... Continue Reading →

* CockFight vs. Daikaiju @ The Handlebar. 02/24/11

Twisted from the wreckage of iron vengeance and forged in the fire of sonic combat, two bands stand opposed in a ring of beer, sweat, and bodies. Heaven and Hell are for mortals, but victory is forever. On this night,... Continue Reading →

* Taylor Hicks, James Adkins @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/24/11

American Idol may have needed Taylor Hicks more than Taylor Hicks ever needed American Idol. While watching the 2006 American Idol winner thrill the crowd during his Vinyl Music Hall debut, it was evident that the man has a passion... Continue Reading →

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