Big Sam Williams got down….literally. The cool and charismatic frontman of Big Sam’s Funky Nation jumped off the stage, got down on the floor and danced with the Vinyl Music Hall crowd during a set that had the Mardi Gras infused party shaking and grooving on a Saturday night.

Just as the annual Mardi Gras parade was signaling its final ballyhoo on Palafox street in the heart of Downtown Pensacola, another party was launched at Vinyl Music Hall when Green Sunshine jumped onstage.

The Tampa, Florida group mixed hip-hop, funk, rock and soul while energetically casting a jam-band, party-vibe on the Pensacola crowd. Conducting the Soul Peace Train were Organized Chaos (vocals), Emcee Reason (vocals), Optimus Rhyme (vocals), Motown Tea (vocals), Johnny Nichol (harmonica, keyboard, trumpet), Curtis Haze (bass), DJ Sly Boogie (turntables) and Jason Stander (drums).

As the party took a brief intermission allowing the Green Sunshine party to exit the stage, Big Sam’s Funky Nation made their entrance. Having witnessed their powerful show at the inaugural DeLuna Fest on Pensacola Beach last year, I was curious to see how their set would translate in a more intimate venue. I’m happy to report that the show was just as hard-hitting in the downtown venue as it was during their festival on the beach. Good music is good music, whether it’s played in the living room or in Wembley Stadium, you cannot deny its impact.

Supported by Takeshi Shimmura (guitar),Eric Vogel (bass), Chocolate Milk (Drums) and Andrew Baham (trumpet/vocals), Big Sam Williams had the crowd dancing from his first funky steps on stage to his final wave goodbye to the party he started.

Story & Pics –MLS

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