The Six Degrees of Separation experiment hit The Break Beach Bar on a late-April night. Walking into the bar, CockFight were just about to start their set.

A few weeks before their date as co-openers for the Architects May 12th show at Vinyl Music Hall, the members of CockFight, Ethan Manns (vocals/guitar), Christopher Cole (guitar/vocals), Adam Looney (bass), Michael Lane (drums) and Roy Clark (guitar/vocals) laid down a jackhammer onslaught that included a new number called “Wobbly H” that had members of the band mixing it up with the crowd. Demonstrating the six degrees example at The Break on Pensacola Beach, Clark used to be in a band called American Suicide, who also have former members playing in the newly formed band called Swim With Sharks who will also be opening for the Architects’ Pensacola show.

Following CockFight were It Starts Today, who were recently announced as opening act for the upcoming TRUSTcompany show on June 4th at Vinyl Music Hall. Led by Justin Saxton (vocals), Rob Kelemen (guitar/vocals), Randy Blackwell (bass), Tony Johnson (guitar) and Beau DeMilly (drums) the band powered through a set that had the crowd spilling onto the stage and shouting along. Between songs, Kelemen acknowledged and gave thanks to Wes Sparks who was in town to visit family for the weekend. Sparks was a member of the 90’s punk band Blount as well as a few other bands including Enter The Foundation with Ethan Manns. It’s a small world indeed, Stanley Milgram.

-Michael L. Smith