“The show must go on!” And that is exactly what happened at Vinyl Music Hall when the headlining act made a last-minute cancellation due to illness. The downtown venue could have called it a night, but the staff, along with both supporting bands, decided to carry on and provide a free night of live music.

Spun from the Renaissance-Man web of Noel Coward, the phrase “The show must go on” originates from the English playwright, director, actor and composer’s song “Why Must The Show Go On?” Just hours away from showtime, the headlining cancellation announcement was made. Quickly jumping into action, tickets were refunded and preparations were made to ensure that live music would be provided courtesy of the Vinyl Music Hall staff and the opening bands.

With a hue of calming blue light marking the area where the two Pensacola bands would perform, Wake Up The Echo were first to the floor. Performing sans stage, Travis Brown (vocals/guitar), Nathan Price (vocals/guitar), Ryan Steward (drums) and Alex Steward (bass) performed a set that included a new song in their ever-growing quiver of indie rock music.

Following Wake Up the Echo, were Pensacola group Elyse Therose. Having recently won the 2011 University of West Florida Battle of the Bands contest and appearing as supporting act for Brooke Fraser, the Pensacola group displayed the rock sound that is quickly earning support throughout the area. Led by Erin Jeffreys (vocals/guitar), Jody Shaver (guitar), John Mlynarczyk (drums) and Rob Haskers (bass) the band will make their next appearance on the Vinyl Music Hall stage as opening act for Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ on June 16th.

– Michael L. Smith

***Wake Up The Echo Interview***
TCAS: What’s in store for Wake Up The Echo in 2011?
TB: 2011. What’s in store?
RS: More music.
TB: We’re going to start coming up with new songs.
RS: We were talking about that. After this show, we’re going to start writing a whole new batch of music. We have one new song that we played today. So, I guess we’re going to try to like, maybe
TB: An EP.
RS: Maybe five or six…
TB: Late summer EP.
RS: So like late summer, early fall. Gio Lugo and his band Paloma, I think we’re going to start booking shows together.
TCAS: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
RS: Like with music or anything?
TCAS: Anything.
TB: Don’t take one person’s advice, take a little bit of advice from a lot of people. That has been my life approach.
TCAS: What is the best advice you can give to someone else?
TB: I always tell people you learn more from your failures than your successes. I’ve been through a lot.
TCAS: Serious question. Do you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
TB: Crunchy! Crunchy Natural.
RS: Crunchy!
NP: Crunchy.
RS: Alex….Crunchy or regular peanut butter?
TB: Crunchy or smooth?
Alex: (from across the 5 ½ bar) Uh…..honey crunchy.