June 2011

* HIP-HOP NIGHT: Big Lo, Saga the M.C., Inferno, Precise, Cyborganics, Skratch-Aholix @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 06/24/11

The only silent moment during the recent session of Sluggo’s monthly Hip-Hop Night occurred at the beginning of Big Lo’s "take no prisoners" lyrical blitzkrieg. With an attack that rendered everyone speechless including every patron, DJ and even the plastic... Continue Reading →

* CockFight, Pink Pompeii @ The Handlebar. 06/23/11

Beer Buffett plus live music always make for intriguing bedfellows and so was the case when CockFight and Pink Pompeii hit The Handlebar on Thursday night. Whirling in from the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and spinning their electro, rock, folk... Continue Reading →

* Dick Dale, Laramie Dean @ Vinyl Music Hall. 06/18/11

Shortly after the strike of midnight, “The King of the Surf Guitar” put aside the instrument that has circled his identity for over half a century, walked over to his son and proceeded to create one of the greatest Father’s... Continue Reading →

* Back Pockets, Company of Ghosts, Polyamory, Over Stars and Gutters @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. + INTERVIEW W/ Company of Ghosts. 06/09/11

On a night that featured Back Pockets (Atlanta, Georgia) Over Stars and Gutters (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and two local groups, Polyamory and Company of Ghosts, musicians Patrick Hutchinson, Chris Stokes and Ali Roudabush shared some time to answer a few... Continue Reading →

* The Turbo A.C.’s, The Arkhams, Swim With Sharks @ The Handlebar. 06/05/11

The Turbo A.C.’s are dangerous at any speed. The last time I witnessed the group unleash their New York punk sound on Pensacola, I ended up in a wreck minutes after popping their CD “Automatic” into my deck after leaving... Continue Reading →

* Trust Company, It Starts Today, Forevers Calling @ Vinyl Music Hall. 06/04/11

With frontman Kevin Palmer proudly declaring Pensacola as their “Second Home” during their return visit to Vinyl Music Hall, Trust Company came armed with a new album supported by an even more energized live show that continued without the near... Continue Reading →

* Face To Face, Strung Out, The Darlings, Blitzkid @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/31/11

“Eyewear in the pit…don’t mix.” Lessons learned like a G.I. Joe cartoon public service announcement from the 1980’s. I’ve known this lesson ever since I first lost a pair of glasses at an all-ages show when I was 16 years... Continue Reading →

* Combichrist, iVardensphere, Deadstar Assembly, Star Killer @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ Andy LaPlegua 05/29/11

“So this is Sunday night in Pensacola. Welcome to the Church of Combichrist!” declared Andy LaPlegua, frontman and creator of the aggrotech band during their headling set at Vinyl Music Hall in downtown Pensacola, Florida. After performing as opening act... Continue Reading →

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