July 2011

* Kent Stanton Interview Part II

In part one, local artist Kent Stanton talked about growing up in Pensacola, getting to sing backup for Harry Chapin, The Unemployed, and the events that led to a teenage Stanton hanging out with Van Halen. In Part II, Stanton... Continue Reading →

* Ballyhoo!, The Bastard Suns @ Vinyl Music Hall. 07/17/11

The Summer Soundsystem Tour hit Downtown Pensacola, Florida as Ballyhoo! invaded Vinyl Music Hall with The Bastard Suns for a reggae-vibe induced night of punk sounds. I missed local group Operation Hennessey’s set and by the time I made it... Continue Reading →

* Kent Stanton @ Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour’s Grand Opening. 07/15/11 + INTERVIEW W/ Kent Stanton

Local artist Scott Alvarez graciously opened his doors to celebrate Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour's Grand Opening in Downtown Pensacola. The night, featuring music by Travis Legett (Boneless Rats, Company of Ghosts) and local legend Kent Stanton, contained a steady... Continue Reading →

* Wake Up the Echo, Long Division @ The Handlebar. 07/09/11

Delving into a Saturday night of local music, Long Division and Wake Up the Echo greeted The Handlebar audience with creations from their sonic laboratories of indie rock. Pushing further into their exploration of sound, Wake Up the Echo (Travis... Continue Reading →

* Thursday, Colour Revolt, Johnny Apple-Eyes @ Vinyl Music Hall. 07/07/11

Even with touring bassist Lukas Previn fighting illness, Thursday marched on as they took over the Vinyl Music Hall stage. Between dates on their tour with Taking Back Sunday, Thursday and Colour Revolt provided a solid night of music in... Continue Reading →

* The Suzies, Paloma @ Seville Quarter. 06/28/11+ INTERVIEW W/ Paloma

“There’s time where I beat myself over the head about why didn’t I do this…why didn’t I get into computers, why didn’t I apply myself in other areas better? It’s because I never loved anything the way I love this.... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Betsy Badwater & The Hillbilly Chrome @ Vinyl Music Hall + Q & A W/ Lang Hollowman. 06/25/11

This isn’t my grandfather’s blues. On a night that saw Chris Thomas King perform a hip-hop, spoken-word laced version of the blues standard “The Thrill is Gone,” local musician Mike Roycroft expressed his thoughts on witnessing the new wave of... Continue Reading →

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