With the grace of Abbagnato and the daring of Kaupus, a red-eye flight was taken mid-song by Billy the Kid Pettinger. Alone on stage with her acoustic guitar, the musician took a small breath, widened her gaze and opened her mouth to strike a note while spinning away from the microphone stand, holding the angelic sound and returning gracefully to the point where she started the feat. Pettinger executed the flowing-flawless 360 degree maneuver as part of her set during Vinyl Music Hall’s weekly Awesome Monday’s at the adjoining 5 1/2 Bar.

Commencing this night’s special edition of Awesome Mondays at the 5 ½ Bar was local artist Rob Dill and his solo music project Martyr the Unicorn. Having recently opened for the 10,000 Maniacs at Vinyl Music Hall, Dill was greeted by an audience of close friends that included childhood friend and professional skateboarder Pete Kelly. Check out Dill’s site for upcoming shows and new recordings.

Billy The Kid followed Dill on the Vinyl stage for a set that displayed elements of rock, folk and story-telling. The Vancouver native is touring on the strength of her latest album “Ours.” The title is a reference to the support given by those who helped make the album possible. As stated on her website…”This album was entirely fan and friend funded. Even the studios, musicians, engineers and artists at times donated their services to make this thing happen. We made it. Together. It’s Ours.”

The first half of the set was supported by her band The Southside Boys, while the finish concluded with her alone on the intimate stage performing for the receptive crowd. Check out Billy’s Blog where she shares everything from work-in-progress lyrics, videos, artwork and updates from her travels; she even tells of a recent dream where she won a radio contest to meet Ryan Adams. They meet and immediately Pettinger wants to collaborate, but an odd turn of events creates an even odder situation.

Closing out the evening were the pairing of Brooks Hubbert and Evan Levin. Joining forces, the duo created a gift of sonic and visual pleasure. While Hubbert explored compositions of sound with guitar and various effects, Levin composed one of his signature paintings under the watch of black-light and darkness.

-Michael L. Smith

Additional Photo Galleries of the event.

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