October 2011

* DeLuna Fest 2011 Part I. @ Pensacola Beach, Florida 10/14/11

Witness Pensacola Beach, the gorgeous glory of the gulf coast now engulfed in music. Witness the sounds and crowds of DeLuna Fest 2011. One year removed from its initial appearance on the music festival landscape, the big music festival on... Continue Reading →

* The Vibrators, The Flying Guillotines, The Handsome Scoundrels @ The Handlebar. 10/11/11

As soon as “The Beav” strutted on stage, raised his trucker-cap covered head into the microphone to unleash heaven, hell and all things primal at the start of The Flying Guillotines set, I knew that my night was going to... Continue Reading →

* Cavalera Conspiracy, Otep, Earth Crisis, Parabellum @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ MAX CAVALERA. 10/07/11

“Just follow your heart. Don’t give up, no matter how hard things get. I’m living proof of that. I came out of Brazil, which was really hard to do and we were the first Brazilian band to break through. I... Continue Reading →

* Toy Bombs, Paloma, Lucid Lions @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/04/11

Born in the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah and cut by the sounds of Los Angeles, California, Toy Bombs are aiming to take over the Western Hemisphere one city at a time. The group recently dropped their indie-rock, live... Continue Reading →

* Modern English, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu (Performing as The Exploding Boys: A Tribute to The Cure) @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ DEADLY FISTS OF KUNG FU. 09/27/11

"Morrissey must hate fat girls." And with that observation by guitarist Jason Hurt, I was given notice as what to expect when I stepped outside to interview the men of Deadly Fists of Kung Fu on a night when they... Continue Reading →

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