November 2011

* X-“The Unheard Music” and “Los Angeles” @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/28/11

To call X a punk rock band doesn’t do the group justice, but neither does calling them a rock n’ roll band. It's best to just call their work “amazing”. Poetic, political and balanced on the rumbling landscape of Los... Continue Reading →

* The Independents, Headstone Hangover, Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs, Operation Hennessey @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/27/11

Throwing a fist in the air and one finger into heaven, Evil Presley lowered his head while the band kicked into The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop” as a closing salute to the hardcore faithful and The Independents’ late friend and former... Continue Reading →

* Gin Blossoms, Elyse Therose @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/25/11

“Alright! Now we got some boos on the stage. Cheers to our week-long adventure in Florida. Thanks for getting the Gin Blossoms all f***** up” And with those words by Gin Blossoms frontman Robin Wilson, Vinyl Music Hall erupted into... Continue Reading →

* Carbon Leaf, Alpha Rev @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/23/11

And the encore began with a huddle. Side-by-side with their brothers in music, Carbon Leaf joined by members of Alpha Rev began their finishing minutes with a religious spiritual in the dark stillness of Vinyl Music Hall. Carbon Leaf, the... Continue Reading →

* DeLuna Fest 2011 Part II @ Pensacola Beach, Florida + INTERVIEW W/ JANE’S ADDICTION DRUMMER STEPHEN PERKINS 10/15/11

“I turned 21 with these guys. My first ménage trios, I think Dave (Navarro) was there. Everything happened with us. And when you get together in a room and start doing the old catalog, that’s a great thrill, but making... Continue Reading →

* Perpetual Groove @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ ALBERT SUTTLE 10/18/11

Led by frontman, Brock Butler's solo-acoustic set, the evening with Perpetual Groove became a night of supreme musicianship intertwined with a superb light show and dancing from the Vinyl Music Hall crowd. Perpetual Groove drummer, Albert Suttle took time out... Continue Reading →

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