“Alright! Now we got some boos on the stage. Cheers to our week-long adventure in Florida. Thanks for getting the Gin Blossoms all f***** up” And with those words by Gin Blossoms frontman Robin Wilson, Vinyl Music Hall erupted into a rock party that would rival some of the wildest shows I’ve seen this year.

The night started with Elyse Therose who kicked the stage into high-gear with Erin Jeffreys (vocals, guitar), Jody Shaver (guitar), John Mlynarczyk (drums), and Rob Hasker (bass) leading the audience through a set that cruised from bluesy grooves to hit-hard rock anthems.

My first clue to the rowdiness that was about to ensue came during a break between bands and in the most sacred of places…The holy men’s bathroom. I heard the battle cry of one dude to another, “Man, look at my face. I’m ready! If someone even looks at me funny. I’m ready, man!” Words I never expected to be uttered before a Gin Blossoms performance.

Vinyl Music Hall was cooked for a party before the band came on and eventually the place exploded as the Gin Blossoms ran through a cavalcade of 90’s hits. I was fully aware of their craftsmanship and songwriting (especially the work of the late Doug Hopkins), but I never envisioned the manic power they wielded during a live performance. The vibe was a fun and energetic one, but a tinge of naughty Roman antics abound after a few fans bought drinks for the band and Wilson made his declaration.

Without going into details, I’ll just say that I have a new level of respect for the power of the mighty Gin Blossoms.

-Michael L. Smith

Link to an additional photo gallery of the concert by PNJ photographer Jody Link