“This last song’s about marijuana and hate-sex.” declared Hinder frontman Austin Winkler. “It’s called “Get Stoned!” I should have expected it. But even when you jump on a rollercoaster after seeing what the damn thing does, your heart still pounds while screaming for God and everything you value with life.

With songs like “Use Me” and “Up All Night”, I should have seen it coming as inhibitions fell like clothes on wedding night as Hinder partied at Vinyl Music Hall and let loose a few animals of the human kind.

With a new guitarist, local group The Icarus Effect set the train of rock in motion. Led by Scotty Houseknecht (vocals), Ray Ruddy (drums), Mike Bersabal (turntables, guitar, special fx), Cory Dull (bass) and new addition Ralph Haynes (guitar), the group have almost finished work on a studio EP.

Following The Icarus Effect were Oklahoma City rock group Nine Left Dead. With hard n’ dirty rock hooks, Travis Jones (vocals), Kreg Anthony (guitar), Nathan Parish (guitar), Jared Ellis (bass) and Bryan Whitley (drums) turned up the heat in the venue in preparation for the madness about to hit the venue.

Peripheral vision and word-of-mouth are a hell of a combination. I know what I saw inside the venue and it easily confirmed what l suspected…Hinder fans are full-on freaks that are ready to party and have a good time. The only time the party slowed down was when the group played their biggest hit.

“I’m pretty sure you know the words to this.” Said Winkler before the group launched into their rock ballad “Lips of an Angel.” As soon as the sing-along ended, the sin-along continued. Yet another wild night in the city of Pensacola.

-Michael L. Smith

Link to additional photo gallery of the concert by PNJ photographer Jody Link.