“George Lucas stole his idea from f*cking Gene Roddenberry!”Rody Walker

Do you like your metal served with a side of humor? You did if you caught Protest the Hero at Vinyl Music Hall. Jim Breuer and Brian Posehn are known for twisted cuts of metal-studded, stand-up comedy, but Protest the Hero frontman, Rody Walker laced their set with a few hits of caustic comedy that made the most hardcore of metalheads blush.

Touring in support of their third studio album Scurrilous, The group released their debut album Kezia shortly after forming in Whitby, Ontario. Joining Walker to create their sonic assault this night were Tim Millar (guitar), Luke Hoskin (guitar/piano), Arif Mirabdolbaghi (bass), and Moe Carlson (drums).

“I love Garth, but not too hot on Chris Gaines.” proclaimed Walker, who then proceeded to inform the crowd about Garth Brooks’ late 90’s alter-ego during a break between songs. Towards the end of their set, a fan bought shots for the band and Walker invited everyone to join them and check out their friends The Chariot while they played a few blocks away at The Handlebar.

– Michael L. Smith

Link to an additional photo gallery of the concert by PNJ photographer Jody Link