March 2012

* G. Love & Special Sauce @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ G. LOVE (GARRETT DUTTON) 01/29/2012

Running with the Wu-Tang Clan and fighting stage fright while rockin’ in his chair...this is Garrett Dutton, the man behind-inside-and all over G. Love & Special Sauce. One week before his concert at Vinyl Music Hall, Dutton discussed life in... Continue Reading →

* Grayson Capps @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ GRAYSON CAPPS. 01/28/12

"It’s what I like about music. It doesn’t even exist. It can go through space and time. You can’t grab it. A live performance of songs is different every time. A song can be the same, but then the time... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Hollowman/Badwater @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ CHRIS THOMAS KING. 01/21/12

"Some people want to be a star...Some people want to be bling-bling rich and have all the hip-hop type of luxuries, but if you want to make a living from your art..., make sure that you’re in love with it,... Continue Reading →

* The Revivalists, Timberhawk @ Vinyl Music Hall + PLUS INTERVIEW W/ DAVID SHAW. 01/13/12

Give the people a song and they’ll sing along. Give them a show and they will remember you forever. David Shaw knows how to give a show. Vinyl Music Hall served as the arena du jour as the Ohio-born frontman... Continue Reading →

* Suburban Shakedown Annual Bash @ Vinyl Music Hall. 12/27/2011

Before Deluna and the Hangout were festival kings of the coast, Springfest was a major annual attraction for Pensacola, Florida. And during those years, Suburban Shakedown held court as one of the top local bands on the rise. Shortly after... Continue Reading →

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