April 2012

* VNV Nation @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/19/2012

From the banter between VNV Nation frontman Ronan Harris and the crowd, it was beyond evident that we were in for a raucous time. “By my recollection, this is our first visit to Northern Florida.” announced Harris. But before the... Continue Reading →

* Col. Bruce Hampton, Brooks Hubbert @ The Handlebar. + INTERVIEW W/ COL. BRUCE HAMPTON. 02/18/2012

Across two cities, two days, one flight and a concert, Col. Bruce Hampton reflected on his career in music. One week before his return to The Handlebar to perform with Brooks Hubbert, Col. Bruce and I shared a phone conversation... Continue Reading →

* The Lemonheads, Meredith Sheldon @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/18/2012

Evan Dando didn’t say much. In fact, I don't remember him say anything at all to start the show. He played. A man. Alone. Playing his guitar. Cornered so far stage right, if Dando had moved any farther, the concert... Continue Reading →

* Martin Sexton @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/14/2012

Martin Sexton had me at “Since I’ve Been Loving You” to open his set at Vinyl Music Hall. A special pairing of Valentine’s Day and Americana rock n’ soul made for a special night in downtown Pensacola, Florida. Following his... Continue Reading →

* Yonder Mountain String Band @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/15/12

When your music is hot enough to burn the devil, you don’t need an opening band to warm up the crowd. Hell, you can even play two sets with the fire of Yonder Mountain String Band on your side. “This... Continue Reading →

* Colour Revolt @ The Handlebar + INTERVIEW W/ JESSE COPPENBARGER AND SEAN KIRKPATRICK. 02/11/2012

“They’re an incredible underground indie-rock band, and they play to the point of being dangerous to their own lives.” – Jonathan Parish. Concert promoter for Glory Days* Describing one of his favorite concerts, in the city where he was born,... Continue Reading →

* RiotGod, Slowpoke Rodriguez @ The Handlebar. 02/09/2012

Touring in support of their latest album, "Invisible Empire" and days before invading Europe, RiotGod brought their otherworldly rock sound to The Handlebar in Pensacola, Florida. As soon as I made it inside, local group Slowpoke Rodriguez had already launched... Continue Reading →

* Diplo, Sleigh Bells, Liturgy @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/06/12

Lock...Load...Target thrilled. Simply put...Diplo, Sleigh Bells and Liturgy killed. On paper, the bill for the “Paradise Tour” sounded crazy, but on stage, the madness of the evening were three sides of amazing. A United Nations of sonic terror was unleashed... Continue Reading →

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