Lock…Load…Target thrilled. Simply put…Diplo, Sleigh Bells and Liturgy killed. On paper, the bill for the “Paradise Tour” sounded crazy, but on stage, the madness of the evening were three sides of amazing.

A United Nations of sonic terror was unleashed as Liturgy opened the third night of the Florida tour at a sold-out Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Florida. Watching the Brooklyn trio of Hunter Hunt Hendrix, Tyler Dusenbury and Bernard Gann is pure David Cronenberg. Even when your senses whisper “Don’t look”, every nerve in your body yells “Keep your eyes open until they bleed.” Curiosity in chaos, some watched with mouths open, some watched with ears covered. “Hear no evil” attempts never looked so helpless.

Enter Sleigh Bells, flying between a new album and a performance slot on Saturday Night Live, the monster creation of Alexis Krauss (vocals) and Derek Edward Miller (guitar) proved that they are worthy/capable of fulfilling the promise and anticipation created by their debut album “Treats”. With jeans shorts and Life Guard-Florida tank top, Krauss seduced and pummeled while Miller and touring guitarist Jason Boyer, provided the two-true shred guitar attack.

Crazy/insane, Diplo did as expected and the audience returned the favor. The last time I saw the Mississippi born-Philly, based DJ was at a late-night affair at the 2011 DeLuna Fest. Anticipate and always, always, always expect a wild ass/half naked party when Diplo gets his hands on turntables and a crowd. Yeah, I’d say it was a damn good Monday night.

– Michael L. Smith

Link to PNJ Entertainment Editor Julio Diaz’s interview with Sleigh Bell’s frontwoman, Alexis Krauss.

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