“They’re an incredible underground indie-rock band, and they play to the point of being dangerous to their own lives.” – Jonathan Parish. Concert promoter for Glory Days*

Describing one of his favorite concerts, in the city where he was born, Jonathan Parish defined what makes Colour Revolt concerts so memorable.

Their set, on this night, in this town, was no different. Playing for another house full of fans, Colour Revolt finished with Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” as their encore.

One week before the Oxford, Mississippi band returned to the city where they have played every venue from The Handlebar, to Vinyl Music Hall and to the beaches of DeLuna Fest, Jesse Coppenbarger (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Sean Kirkpatrick (vocals, guitar, keyboard) answered a few questions about their music, favorite albums, advice for aspiring musicians and loincloth wearing cowbell players.

The interview was conducted for an article in the Pensacola News Journal’s weekly Music Matters column. The Handlebar’s History Gets Another Splash of Colour 02/20/2012 PNJ article.

The full interview follows below.


MS: What is the story behind the vinyl release on Feb. 7th?
Kirkpatrick: The vinyl re-release of our first EP was totally inspired by our fans. Most of them came to know us through our EP and it felt right to do this release for the one’s that have followed us from the beginning. Many people have an emotional attachment to the EP, including the band. What better way to bring in 2012 than with the re-release of what started our career!

MS: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at one of your shows?
Kirkpatrick: I’m glad to report that nothing too crazy has ever happened at one of our shows, but I do seem to recall our friend Jimmy Cajoleas playing a cow bell in what was basically a loin cloth. While this was going on our friend Len Clark was eating a full watermelon on stage. I would like to say all of our shows ended like this but it’s only once in a full moon that these things happen.

MS: What keeps you going?
Coppenbarger: A lot of our friends, fans and family have been really great to us over the years and have asked us to keep going, and that they really love the music. That’s probably been the best inspiration in continuing writing and touring.

MS: What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
Coppenbarger: Do what makes you happy. If you’re passionate about something your life forms around that and the difficulties become more manageable.

MS: What are your Top Five Favorite Albums?
Coppenbarger: In no order, these are just my must haves, “Dark Night of the Soul” David Lynch/Mark Linkous/Dangermouse,”Kid A” Radiohead, Bob Dylan and The Band “Before the Flood”, “Old Ramon” Red House Painters and probably “On the Beach” by Neil young.

– Michael L. Smith

*Jonathan Parish quote. (Pensacola News Journal. Music Matters column. December 23, 2011)