June 2012

* The Maine @ Vinyl Music Hall. 04/19/2012

From a little EP in 2007 to traveling the world in 2012, The Maine are in the middle of a very busy year. As the fourth stop on the North American leg of their “Pioneer World Tour”, The Maine arrived... Continue Reading →

* GWAR, Kylesa, Ghoul @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ DAVE BROCKIE AKA ODERUS URUNGUS. 04/16/2012

"This is out of character. This is Dave Brockie speaking and the whole thing has been a f*cking nightmare. But the band and the fans have dealt with it in absolutely the way that sets the standard for the way... Continue Reading →

* John Parr, Lugosi @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ JOHN PARR. 04/14/2012

Finally, I saw John Parr’s vision of “St. Elmo’s Fire.” Toward the end of a concert full of flashbacks, stories and rock, Parr shared the story of Rick Hansen. The Canadian Paralympian's passion was the true inspiration for the hit... Continue Reading →

* Drive-By Truckers @ Vinyl Music Hall. 04/10/2012

It started with a simple “Good Evening” by Patterson Hood. Returning to Vinyl Music Hall for the second time and Pensacola well beyond that, the Drive By Truckers clutched the audience for two hours of a rock n’ roll dream.... Continue Reading →

* Candlebox @ Capt’n Funs + INTERVIEW W/ KEVIN MARTIN. 04/07/2012

"...he came into the dressing room and we were all like “F*ck! Neil Peart’s in here. Wow!” And he said, “I really loved the combinations of rhythms and melodies that you guys use, but I really enjoyed that show...Don’t ever... Continue Reading →

* Earl’s Killer Squirrel 18th Anniversary Show @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant + INTERVIEW W/ EARL & MIKE LYON. 04/06/2012

"Sometimes it’s like two old kids fighting over the same’s not necessarily a thing of power, just misunderstandings. I like to describe it as, “We have a CCR relationship.” Called the John Fogerty leaving Tom in the hospital. The... Continue Reading →

* “Appetite For Destruction” Guns N’ Roses Tribute Band, Lugosi @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ CHAD ATKINS (NOTQUITEAXL). 04/05/2012

“'Man, I don’t wanna’ get into some stupid cover band!' I fought it for awhile and then one day, I thought about it and I was like, it’d be kind of I tried it out and we went to... Continue Reading →

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