July 2012

* Benefit Show for Amanda!!! Emerald Coast Murders, Roman Gabriel Todd’s…, Mon Cul @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant + INTERVIEWS W/ AMANDA MCCABE & BOB CROSS. 05/19/12

“Now that I think about it… My favorite show is really any show I get to see a good friend of mine really rock the f*ck out. Hands down those are all my favorite :-)" - Amanda McCabe As another... Continue Reading →

* White Tie Rock Ensemble perform Pink Floyd’s “Darkside of the Moon” @ Pensacola Little Theatre + INTERVIEW W/ JONATHAN CLARK. 05/12/12

At the age of 33, William Clark helped lead the Corps of Discovery through an uncharted North America. At the age of 34 Jonathan Clark, with help from some of the area's top musicians, led a group of talented high... Continue Reading →

* Steve Earle & The Dukes With Special Guests: The Mastersons @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/04/12

With a fist in the air and feedback all around, Steve Earle left the stage with nearly two hours of music behind him. "Copperhead Road" was a given, but I was floored by the unexpected and rising confession of addiction,... Continue Reading →

* Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy @ Vinyl Music Hall. 04/30/2012

Mickey Avalon. Is he for real? Is it an act? Who knows, but Avalon looked every bit the role of a sloppy/wasted rocker in complete command of the audience at Vinyl Music Hall. Making his entrance with a strut and... Continue Reading →

* Weight of the World, Vices, Cold Hearted @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 04/29/12

A dislocated knee and a smashed wall, all before the headliners hit the stage. It's was a hardcore kind of night, brothers and sisters. The kid with the dislocated knee popped it back in and the dude who smashed the... Continue Reading →

* Lit @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ A. JAY POPOFF 04/28/2012

No matter how many albums you sell, you cannot buy immortality. Hit singles won't save the ones you love or spare you from the pain of loss. Success is only an affirmation that you did it once and might be... Continue Reading →

* Peelander-Z, One-Eyed Doll, Earl’s Killer Squirrel @ Vinyl Music Hall. 04/22/12

If you aren't pulled onstage during a Peelander-Z show, the stage will eventually come to you. Crazier than the craziest Crayola box, The colorful group from New York (by way of Japan) returned to Pensacola, Florida for another round of... Continue Reading →

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