August 2012

* “That Metal Show’s” Don Jamieson: A Night of Comedy and Metal! Lugosi, Bubbs Harris, Chuck Diesel, Matt Moseley. Part III: INTERVIEW W/ DON JAMIESON 06/01/12

"I got her some roses. I didn’t have a lot of cash, but there’s a cemetery right by me, so I worked it all out."- Don Jamieson on what he got his mother for Valentine's Day. The most serious moment... Continue Reading →


* “That Metal Show’s” Don Jamieson: A Night of Comedy and Metal! Part II: INTERVIEW W/ BUBBS HARRIS 06/01/12

The World of Bubbs Harris is a rocketship waiting to blow up. Within two years of stepping up to his first ever comedy gig, Harris stood tall as an opener for "That Metal Show's" Don Jamieson and his Night of... Continue Reading →

* “That Metal Show’s” Don Jamieson: A Night of Comedy and Metal! Part I: INTERVIEW W/ AJ FRATTO 06/01/12

Outspoken, hardworking and intense are just a few ways to describe Anthony James "AJ" Fratto, frontman for Pensacola, Florida rock group Lugosi. One week before their slot as the "Metal" for Don Jamieson’s Night of Comedy and Metal at Vinyl... Continue Reading →

* Municipal Waste, Black Tusk @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ TONY FORESTA. 05/30/12

For someone so damn nice, Tony Foresta has the most playfully, demonic laugh of anyone I've ever interviewed. Chalk it up to pre-show energy, the recent release of their latest album "Fatal Feast" or the fact that Foresta is a... Continue Reading →

* Col. Bruce Hampton & Siriusface @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/26/2012

"I play because I want to learn the unknown corner of everything of myself and the world. Music opens up eternal things...It’s the only chance you have to communicate with other things. I love playing live and I hope I... Continue Reading →

* The Pretty Things Peepshow @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/22/12

For me, the word “peepshow” used to evoke images of Siouxsie Sioux dancing in black & white to the Siouxsie and the Banshees “Peek-a-Boo” video (from their album "Peepshow"), but The Pretty Things Peepshow blew up my teenage memories and... Continue Reading →

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