If concerts were sex, then Lil’ Kim delivered a set that was long on tease and big in delivery. The crowd at Vinyl Music Hall waited nearly 2 hours after the final opener to watch the “Queen Bee” deliver a 30 minute stick of dynamite to her diehard fans.

It was also a big night for Pensacola performers as Big Bone kicked off the show with a set that included his latest single “Skateboard”. Following Big Bone was Roy Jones, Jr.’s group Body Head Bangerz, who were led by 2piece and a top level assortment of local dancers.

Keeping with the 850 onslaught, Big Lo played lyrical hitman with shots from his latest album “Magnum Opiates” including “Peace is for Buddhists” featuring Inferno, who joined Big Lo and DJ Bodyslanga on the Vinyl stage.

As Big Lo exited the stage, the crowd anticipated a standard wait between acts, but minutes turned into near-eternity while waiting for Lil’ Kim. The only break from stage stillness was provided by the Body Head Bangerz dancers.

After the one hour mark, anticipation turned to worry among the crowd as speculation grew that Lil Kim might not show up. Rumors were killed by reports that her tour bus had finally arrived at the venue.

Entering with her DJ, dancers, singers and even a documentary film crew, Lil’ Kim finally brought her long awaited show to the Vinyl stage. The highlights for me were “How Many Licks” and a medley of hits from her extraordinary career.

The crowd came, the diehards saw and Lil’ Kim conquered. Post-play cigarette not necessary.

– Michael L. Smith