October 2012

* Favored Sons @ Hopjacks + INTERVIEW W/ MITCH PATTI AND HARLEN LAWRENCE. 07/21/12.

"I truly believe that there is no unsigned band out there that works as hard as we do. The goal is to keep on pushing until this is our lives." – Harlen Lawrence of Favored Sons. When a band throws... Continue Reading →

* Appetite For Destruction @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ CHAD ATKINS. 07/21/12

One week before their Gallery Night show at Vinyl Music Hall, NotQuiteGNR frontman Chad Atkins talked about the future of the band, his solo work and the biggest misconceptions surrounding tribute bands. Here is a link to the article that... Continue Reading →

* Cracker, Elyse Therose, The Ocean as Mistress @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ DAVID LOWERY. 07/19/2012

“I actually am fascinated by metal bands. I think metal fans are the most ethical consumers of music…They do go out of their way to make sure they buy the albums by the artists they like and they give each... Continue Reading →

* Clutch, Prong @ Vinyl Music Hall. INTERVIEWS W/ TIM SULT & TOMMY VICTOR. 07/18/12

"You can take two ways of living; you can either just not really care about what you’re work a regular your 9-to-5 or do this thing where you’re sort of starving and trying to do something different, be... Continue Reading →

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