“Two years ago, this band lost a friend to suicide. This song is called “One Less Heart To Break.” Today would have been his birthday. This song goes out to him.” – Joe Ragosta of Patent Pending.

What’s better than a night of rock n’ roll? Not much…and most of what is better doesn’t need to be in print as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus headlined a foursome of rock at Vinyl Music Hall.

Opening the show were local heroes It Starts Today. Led by Justin Saxton (vocalist), Rob Kelemen (Justin Saxton (vocals), Rob Kelemen (guitar/vocals), Randy Blackwell (bass) Tony Johnson (guitar), and Beau DeMilly (drums).  I’ve seen the band perform at least a million and five times over the past few years and they ALWAYS rock every venue they play; whether it’s a sold-out show at Vinyl or packed-tight in The Break Beach Bar, It Starts Today are always ready to play. Go to their Purevolume.com site and check out their free album downloads.


Red Jumpsuit Apparatus may have been the headliners, but damn, Patent Pending knows how to rock. With a set that included sexually suggestive Shake Weight shenanigans, “boy band” mocking choreography and catchy songs, the band from Mt. Sinai stole the show for me. Not that Red Jumpsuit Apparatus weren’t rocking, but Patent Pending’s set the bar high at Vinyl.

I didn’t know what to expect from the band with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle inspired band banners placed onstage, but within 5 minutes of their set, I knew I was in for a good time. Pop punk never tasted so good; campy, poppy and even a little raunchy.

Interjecting a little blood were Tampa rock band Set It Off. All gave some, but frontman Cody Carson was willing to give all he gashed open his head while jumping into the crowd.  The clad-in-black singer didn’t miss a beat even as blood flowed on his face and bandmates Dan Clermont (guitar), Zach Dewall (guitar), Austin Kerr (bass) and Maxx Danziger (drums) continued to rock.

Middleburg, Florida band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus closed out the night of blood rock pizza as their tour was making its way toward the homestretch. As frontman Ronnie Winter ran the stage with brother Randy (gutar) Joey Westwood (bass), Josh Burke (guitar), and Kristopher Comeaux (drums) the crowd at Vinyl were treated to a pretty full evening of rock excitement.

–   Michael L. Smith