Its prom night and the headlining bands aren’t going to play?

The statement on Vinyl Music Hall’s website said it all;

“Unfortunately, due to illness, the Ultimate 80’s Tour featuring Bow Wow, Gene Loves Jezebel and Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio has been cancelled…”

As Ray Parker Jr. inquired…“Who you gonna’ call?”


Your best bet is to call the Deadly Fists of Kung Fu and Jukebox Superhero to save the day, and that’s exactly what the Downtown Pensacola venue did. Vinyl made it a free show and the prom went on as scheduled with all of the entertainment previously promised (minus the touring acts that cancelled)

Months before they played DeLuna Fest 2012, the Deadly Fists of Kung Fu revived their popular role as “The Exploding Boys: A Tribute to the Cure” to add even more nostalgia to the event and Jukebox Superhero played a set full of 80’s hits.


DFKF frontman Zac Hobbs and guitarist Jason Hurt stayed still just long enough to discuss DeLuna Fest and their part in the 80’s Prom for the Pensacola News Journal. (Here is a link to the PNJ article and the 80’s prom portion of the interview with a little word association follows below).


Deadly Fists of Kung Fu Interview


MS: Let me change the subject a little (We were discussing DeLuna Fest and superhero movies up to this point). Next week, you’re playing the 80’s Prom at Vinyl. Why did you decide to bring back The Exploding Boys? You’ve done a lot of tributes before, but why The Exploding Boys again?

ZH: We’ve always been real big Cure fans and it’s really easy. It’s very easy. It’s just kind of our briar patch. Somehow, three months turned into really short notice for us and so we got short notice that we were doing this show and so we’re like “Hey! We’ll do a Cure thing.” We can do that.

MS: Will you dress up for this set? You didn’t dress up last time for The Exploding Boys.

ZH: In my old age, I’ve become too fat and I’m afraid that I’ll bear too much resemblance to Robert Smith.

JH: Robert Smith is chubby!

ZH: It’s too convincing these days.

MS: No dressing up. What about…are you going to have (Brandon)Clarkson on keyboards or is it going to be the same lineup?

ZH: No, it will also be DFKF Prime, not Deluxe. When we have the “Human Baby” on keys it is in DFKF Deluxe of DFKF DLX. It’s a lot like KMFDM.

MS: To close it out, I want to play a little word association with you. I’ll say a word or a phrase, so just tell me what you feel, what you think….Deadly Fists of Kung Fu.

ZH: Taller.

JH: Taller?

ZH: We’re all taller except for you.

JH: No, I wish I was taller.

ZH: That makes a lot of sense.

MS: Pensacola, Florida.

ZH: You can’t say taller again.

JH: Actually, my first thought was “Broken-in shoes.”

ZH: Comfy couch.

JH: It’s got that big ol’ butt dip right…

ZH: It sure does. It’s got the remote for the TV that doesn’t work anymore.

MS: And the last one…DeLuna Fest.

JH: Kick Ass! Guided by Voices!

ZH: Bob Mould!

JH: Bob Mould!

ZH: Superchunk!

JH: At this point, I don’t even care that we’re playing. I just want to see Bob Mould.

ZH: Yeah, I’m pretty sure we get in for free now (laughs). That’s pretty exciting.

MS: Is there anything you want the readers to know about DeLuna or 80’s Prom?

JH: Come see us at both of those shows!

ZH:  Yes.

JH: We’ll rock at one and we will rock even more at the other.

ZH:  But we’re not going to tell you which.

– Michael L. Smith