Childhood birthday parties and rock concerts are the same. Minus the alcohol, a lot of the same ingredients are found in both.

Shouting, smiling and music are just a few of the similarities. The icing on the cake of the Galactic concert at Vinyl Music Hall was Corey Glover.



I used to rock a cassette copy of Living Colour’s debut album “Vivid” when I was a kid. My room is where I listened to those songs the most, loudly playing in the headphones of the silver Sony Walkman that was a birthday present from my mom.

Glover and Galactic, the New Orleans power jazz, funk party led by Ben Ellman (horns), Robert Mercurio (bass), Stanton Moore (drums), Jeff Raines (guitar), and Rich Vogel (keyboards) played while Pensacola partied.




Four months after the concert, it was announced (on my birthday) that Glover would return to Vinyl…with Living Colour.

To Be Continued…

-Michael L. Smith