Henry Rollins is a Terminator living in Tallahassee, Florida. He was sent to rule the world and his weapon is the hardcore band Ex-Breathers.


When Cyberdyne first sent Jim Morrison to do the job, he was interrupted by the 60’s and death. The corporation may just succeed with Ex-Breathers.

Their site says Ex-Breathers are David Settle (guitar), Adam Berkowitz (drums), and Jack Vermillion (bass). But these may be nicknames for these lethal Terminators. (My name for the T-X is “Box Office” because she is the main reason I watched that bomb-of-a-movie known as Terminator 3 more than once).

I’ve only seen Ex-Breathers once, but after their show at Sluggo’s with Earl’s Killer Squirrel and Altered States, I definitely want to see them again. Post-Black Flag-Rollins is thick n’ heavy on the bands EP “Collision,” but this isn’t a Rollins Band rip-off. These Terminators guys are real. As good as the album was, the band is even better live. Go with them if you want to rock.

– Michael L. Smith