“I’m assuming that you’re here to see a GWAR show, right? Well, there’s not going to be a GWAR show tonight. Listen. I was out back and I saw the lead singer of GWAR taking a leak. So I snook up behind him and knocked his head clean off.” Techno Destructo

What happened next happened so fast that the memory of that moment outlasted the actual moment.

Techno Destructo lifted the severed head of Oderus Urungus, the long lost leader of GWAR. The shocking part happened when he pulled away the mask.

“I know that face,” I said.
I looked into those eyes. I shook my head.

“No, they wouldn’t do that.” I thought, “Would they?”
I’ve seen some crazy things at a GWAR show. This topped them all.

GWAR and their Scumdogs 30th Anniversary Tour stop at Vinyl Music Hall started with a bang.

It wasn’t until three days after the show that I reached my conclusion of what the severed head inside of Oderus’ mask would have said.

“Gotcha!” That’s what he would have said. You have to go back to the beginning. Back to the roots of GWAR. The origins of the band that shook the universe. Every crazy thing they ever did.

Can it be uncomfortable? Hell yes.

But when all of the shock and blood washes away, GWAR will rock you. They will make you laugh and if you pay attention, they’ll make you think.

Carry on mighty scumdogs of the universe. Carry on!