*SLIPKNOT @ the Pensacola Bay Center 04/29/15. INTERVIEW w/ JIM ROOT

“Reserved, insecure, rebellious... I really didn’t care much for authority." - Jim Root Just The Facts: Unpublished answers from my Pensacola News Journal interview with Slipknot guitarist Jim Root (#4)  for a feature promoting their Pensacola Bay Center show on August... Continue Reading →



Maybe the joke went too far. It was definitely too long. I can only guess what Bradford Cox wanted. The execution of the joke was consistent and bleeding through the entire set. Deerhunter (and especially their frontman) came to play Seconds... Continue Reading →

* LOCAL SHOWCASE: Transmute, Paloma, Dinosaur Daze @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEWS W/ JOEY AMSPACHER, JON DEALE AND GIOVANNI LUGO 04/26/13

“This is bittersweet because there was a time when Pensacola had nothing. It was nothing but a ghost town. An empty street at seven o’clock, 6:30 even. And all we had was The Handlebar. All we had was Van Gogh’s,... Continue Reading →

* Surfer Blood, PIONEERS! O PIONEERS (Final Show) , Imaginary Air Show @ Vinyl Music Hall 04/29/13

"On Oct. 27, 2013 Todd Vilardi shared the influence of Lou Reed on his Facebook page. Following Reed’s death that day, Vilardi posted a photo of the Velvet Underground, Reed’s high school picture, and a paragraph about his legacy. 'sometimes it is blue, and... Continue Reading →


MICHAEL SMITH: This is my crazy question, I always have to ask you a crazy question; you can only pick one...would you want people to make love, get married or fight to the music of Ballyhoo!? HOWI SPANGLER: Make love, man.... Continue Reading →

* dada 20th anniversary tour: dada, 7Horse, Jerad Finck, Elyse Therose. 02/25/2013

Martin Scorsese knows music. The Hollywood director, whose track record of iconic films includes Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, is known for assembling songs to capture the mood of his movies. His most recent film, 2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street"... Continue Reading →

* Dark Star Orchestra @ Vinyl Music Hall 02/19/2013 + INTERVIEW W/ ROB KORITZ 02/19/13

Donna Jean Godchaux started her career singing vocals on legendary recordings of artists like Elvis Presley and Percy Sledge. On February 19, 2013, the Grateful Dead vocalist performed with the Dark Star Orchestra at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Florida. The... Continue Reading →

* Alan Parsons Live Project, That 1 Guy, Wolff @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ ALAN PARSONS 02/21/13

“I’ve been talking about Pink Floyd for 40 years and I think it’s time to stop now…I realized that it’s the 40 anniversary and everything, but they’ve made millions and I haven’t.”  - Alan Parsons Alan Parsons shut the door... Continue Reading →

* The Pretty Things Peepshow @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/14/13

A burlesque show on Valentine’s Day. The Pretty Things Peepshow was a special gift for couples at Vinyl Music Hall. The company, which was formed in New York by Go-Go Amy, returned with Donny Vomit, Lil’ Miss Firefly, Vivacious Miss... Continue Reading →

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