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* Cedric Burnside, Brooks Hubbert III @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/18/2013

How many shots of gin can you drink and still stand up? After Brooks Hubbert III gave a psychedelic how-to on rock guitar, Cedric Burnside (grandson of Mississippi bluesman R.L. Burnside) sent the Vinyl Music Hall crowd on his blues/rock... Continue Reading →

* Col. Bruce Hampton & Siriusface @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/26/2012

"I play because I want to learn the unknown corner of everything of myself and the world. Music opens up eternal things...It’s the only chance you have to communicate with other things. I love playing live and I hope I... Continue Reading →

* Col. Bruce Hampton, Brooks Hubbert @ The Handlebar. + INTERVIEW W/ COL. BRUCE HAMPTON. 02/18/2012

Across two cities, two days, one flight and a concert, Col. Bruce Hampton reflected on his career in music. One week before his return to The Handlebar to perform with Brooks Hubbert, Col. Bruce and I shared a phone conversation... Continue Reading →

* Dax Riggs, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 09/21/11

Dax Riggs went from silent to heartbreaking in one song. With a cover of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel, the Evansville, Indiana born singer captured the tune penned by Tommy Durden and Mae Boren Axten, grabbed it by the throat, embraced... Continue Reading →

* Awesome Mondays @ The 5 ½ Bar Bar. Billy the Kid & The Southside Boys, Rob Dill. Plus Brooks Hubbert & Evan Levin @ Vinyl Music Hall. 09/19/11

With the grace of Abbagnato and the daring of Kaupus, a red-eye flight was taken mid-song by Billy the Kid Pettinger. Alone on stage with her acoustic guitar, the musician took a small breath, widened her gaze and opened her... Continue Reading →

* Tower of Power, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 05/11/11.

Backed by a history that began in 1968, Tower of Power made their Vinyl Music Hall debut to a festive audience that was ready to join the band on a musical ride spanning the scope of four decades. Opening artist... Continue Reading →

* George Porter, Jr. & The Runnin’ Pardners, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/19/11

Born the day after Christmas in 1947, George Porter, Jr. is one of the forefathers of funk. Devoting his musical career to giving gifts of groove like the performance he and his “Runnin’ Pardners” gave to Vinyl Music Hall on... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Mr. Fahrenheit, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/05/11

Amid a night of red hot music, one of the most moving moments occurred when the Louisiana bluesman paid tribute to a music legend. Before the final song of the night, Chris Thomas King shared his story of working with... Continue Reading →

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