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* Chris Thomas King, Betsy Badwater Holiday Show @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ CHRIS THOMAS KING 12/15/2013

It was a bluesy Christmas in Pensacola, Florida as Chris Thomas King performed a special Holiday concert at Vinyl Music Hall.   One week before a special concert that featured Betsy Badwater as the opening act, the King of 21st... Continue Reading →

* DeLuna Fest 2012: Day I. 09/21/12

Hell, I’m easy to please. Just the sound of a guitar makes me happy. Put that sound on my hometown beach, I’m in Heaven. Waves, sand and the sun confronting humanity's greatest gift…rock n’ roll. Not since Springfest have I... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ CHRIS THOMAS KING. 06/15/2012

Once you've tasted the Hollywood life of working with superstars and seeing yourself on the big screen, how could anyone ever go back to their "day job"? It's seems crazy to push that all aside, but when your "day job"... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Hollowman/Badwater @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ CHRIS THOMAS KING. 01/21/12

"Some people want to be a star...Some people want to be bling-bling rich and have all the hip-hop type of luxuries, but if you want to make a living from your art..., make sure that you’re in love with it,... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Betsy Badwater & The Hillbilly Chrome @ Vinyl Music Hall + Q & A W/ Lang Hollowman. 06/25/11

This isn’t my grandfather’s blues. On a night that saw Chris Thomas King perform a hip-hop, spoken-word laced version of the blues standard “The Thrill is Gone,” local musician Mike Roycroft expressed his thoughts on witnessing the new wave of... Continue Reading →

* Chris Thomas King, Mr. Fahrenheit, Brooks Hubbert @ Vinyl Music Hall. 02/05/11

Amid a night of red hot music, one of the most moving moments occurred when the Louisiana bluesman paid tribute to a music legend. Before the final song of the night, Chris Thomas King shared his story of working with... Continue Reading →

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