cover band show

* Cover Band Show 2019 * 03/09/2019

Where could you catch the B-52s, the Germs, No Doubt, Oasis, the Goo Dolls, Black Sabbath and AC/DC in an all-star charity concert? Only at this year's Cover Band Show. The long-standing local tradition took over "Belmont-Devilliers" on a Sunday... Continue Reading →

* Sluggo’s Cover Band Show @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. + INTERVIEWS W/ CRYSTAL TREMER & PATRICK JENNINGS.10/29/11

The devil is in the details and hell was a busy playground during a special Halloween edition of the annual Sluggo’s Cover Band show featuring bloody head-to-toe authenticity as bands and audience members dressed up in downtown Pensacola. Three years... Continue Reading →

* The Suzies, Paloma @ Seville Quarter. 06/28/11+ INTERVIEW W/ Paloma

“There’s time where I beat myself over the head about why didn’t I do this…why didn’t I get into computers, why didn’t I apply myself in other areas better? It’s because I never loved anything the way I love this.... Continue Reading →

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