dave kober

* Kent Stanton @ Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour’s Grand Opening. 07/15/11 + INTERVIEW W/ Kent Stanton

Local artist Scott Alvarez graciously opened his doors to celebrate Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour's Grand Opening in Downtown Pensacola. The night, featuring music by Travis Legett (Boneless Rats, Company of Ghosts) and local legend Kent Stanton, contained a steady... Continue Reading →

* Earl’s Killer Squirrel @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant 12/23/10

The chorus of the song said it all. “I’ll Never Be Your Boyfriend.” With one sentence, Earl Lyon, lead singer and guitarist of Earl's Killer Squirrel, condensed a mass of human emotion into five words. Much like Ernest Hemingway who,... Continue Reading →

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