David Bowie

* Combichrist, iVardensphere, Deadstar Assembly, Star Killer @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ Andy LaPlegua 05/29/11

“So this is Sunday night in Pensacola. Welcome to the Church of Combichrist!” declared Andy LaPlegua, frontman and creator of the aggrotech band during their headling set at Vinyl Music Hall in downtown Pensacola, Florida. After performing as opening act... Continue Reading →

* The Constellations, The New Collisions, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu @ Vinyl Music Hall. 12/11/10

“Without you coming out and supporting live music, none of this is possible!” After Elijah Jones (lead singer of The Constellations) made this declaration towards the middle of their rhythmically charged set, the audience shouted in agreement and the band... Continue Reading →

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