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* dada 20th anniversary tour: dada, 7Horse, Jerad Finck, Elyse Therose. 02/25/2013

Martin Scorsese knows music. The Hollywood director, whose track record of iconic films includes Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, is known for assembling songs to capture the mood of his movies. His most recent film, 2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street"... Continue Reading →

* Cursive, Elyse Therose, Pioneers! O Pioneers! @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ TIM KASHER 10/20/2012

P=mV It’s all about momentum for Tim Kasher. Through books, through music, the Cursive frontman is constantly moving. One week before Cursive’s show at Vinyl Music Hall with Elyse Therose and Pioneers! O Pioneers!, Kasher talked about their mini-tour, music,... Continue Reading →

* Gin Blossoms, Elyse Therose @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/25/11

“Alright! Now we got some boos on the stage. Cheers to our week-long adventure in Florida. Thanks for getting the Gin Blossoms all f***** up” And with those words by Gin Blossoms frontman Robin Wilson, Vinyl Music Hall erupted into... Continue Reading →

* Elyse Therose, Wake Up the Echo @ Vinyl Music Hall. + INTERVIEW W/ Wake Up the Echo. 05/26/11

“The show must go on!” And that is exactly what happened at Vinyl Music Hall when the headlining act made a last-minute cancellation due to illness. The downtown venue could have called it a night, but the staff, along with... Continue Reading →

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