* Big Lo “Magnum Opiates” Album Release Party @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ JAMES “BIG LO” LOPEZ 01/11/2013

“Welcome to my world, where there’s vice everywhere. Where the bullets have no name and your Christ don’t care. Welcome to my world.” – James “Big Lo” Lopez “Welcome to My World” In one of the most brutal genres of... Continue Reading →

* A Night of Punk Rock and Hip Hop @ The Handlebar. 11/10/12

A high school friend once told me that you can’t listen to rap AND punk rock; you have to pick between one or the other. I laughed and quickly disagreed. Looking back, the craziest part of his statement was the... Continue Reading →

* Lil’ Kim, Big Lo, Body Head Bangerz, Big Bone @ Vinyl Music Hall. 06/20/12

If concerts were sex, then Lil' Kim delivered a set that was long on tease and big in delivery. The crowd at Vinyl Music Hall waited nearly 2 hours after the final opener to watch the "Queen Bee" deliver a... Continue Reading →

* HIP-HOP NIGHT: Big Lo, Saga the M.C., Inferno, Precise, Cyborganics, Skratch-Aholix @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 06/24/11

The only silent moment during the recent session of Sluggo’s monthly Hip-Hop Night occurred at the beginning of Big Lo’s "take no prisoners" lyrical blitzkrieg. With an attack that rendered everyone speechless including every patron, DJ and even the plastic... Continue Reading →

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