* David Dondero, Kevin Seconds (of 7SECONDS), Kent Stanton @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ KENT STANTON 10/30/2011

I interviewed Kent Stanton for the first time on a Friday night in July, 2011. We talked for nearly five hours on a bench outside Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. My recorder died somewhere between the second hour and Def Leppard. I... Continue Reading →

* DeLuna Fest 2012: Day I. 09/21/12

Hell, I’m easy to please. Just the sound of a guitar makes me happy. Put that sound on my hometown beach, I’m in Heaven. Waves, sand and the sun confronting humanity's greatest gift…rock n’ roll. Not since Springfest have I... Continue Reading →

* OTEP, Butcher Babies @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ OTEP SHAMAYA 09/02/12

“ It’s easy to feel like the victim instead of a survivor. If you've survived it, then that’s exactly what you are, a survivor.” – Otep Shamaya It is another step in the mission of Otep Shamaya, artist, activist and leader of... Continue Reading →

* 10 Years, Fair to Midland @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ LEWIS COSBY. 07/03/12

10 Years bassist Lewis Cosby found himself in the same position as the artists he admired as a child. Touring the world and making amazing music, but also fighting for creative control against a major label. As the band prepared... Continue Reading →

* GWAR, Kylesa, Ghoul @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ DAVE BROCKIE AKA ODERUS URUNGUS. 04/16/2012

"This is out of character. This is Dave Brockie speaking and the whole thing has been a f*cking nightmare. But the band and the fans have dealt with it in absolutely the way that sets the standard for the way... Continue Reading →

* The Revivalists, Timberhawk @ Vinyl Music Hall. “City of Sound” CD Release Show + INTERVIEW W/ DAVID SHAW. 03/23/2012

Months before they performed at the 2012 Hangout Music Fest by winning the national Hang Loose Band Competition, The Revivalists made a return visit to Pensacola, Florida. Celebrating the release of their latest album “City of Sound”, Vinyl Music Hall... Continue Reading →

* Of Montreal, Roman Gianarthur, Kishi Bashi @ Alabama Music Box + INTERVIEW W/ KEVIN BARNES. 03/09/2012

Of Montreal’s latest album, “Paralytic Stalks” departs from the dance-groove creations of the group's resent past. Instead of recreating an album of rearview mirror sound, frontman Kevin Barnes directs listeners down darker streets of introspection. For a man who’s most... Continue Reading →

* The Constellations, Timberhawk @ Vinyl Music Hall. + INTERVIEW W/ WES HOFFMAN. 02/24/2012

On a night that featured frontman, Elijah Jones sharing stories of his arrest in Philadelphia and the women who inspired his music, The Constellations paid another visit to Vinyl Music Hall and the city that has adopted the Atlanta group... Continue Reading →

* Colour Revolt @ The Handlebar + INTERVIEW W/ JESSE COPPENBARGER AND SEAN KIRKPATRICK. 02/11/2012

“They’re an incredible underground indie-rock band, and they play to the point of being dangerous to their own lives.” – Jonathan Parish. Concert promoter for Glory Days* Describing one of his favorite concerts, in the city where he was born,... Continue Reading →

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