it starts today

* Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Set It Off, Patent Pending, It Starts Today @ Vinyl Music Hall 07/26/12

“Two years ago, this band lost a friend to suicide. This song is called “One Less Heart To Break.” Today would have been his birthday. This song goes out to him.” – Joe Ragosta of Patent Pending. What’s better than... Continue Reading →

* Trust Company, It Starts Today, Forevers Calling @ Vinyl Music Hall. 06/04/11

With frontman Kevin Palmer proudly declaring Pensacola as their “Second Home” during their return visit to Vinyl Music Hall, Trust Company came armed with a new album supported by an even more energized live show that continued without the near... Continue Reading →

* CockFight, It Starts Today @ The Break Beach Bar. 04/28/11

The Six Degrees of Separation experiment hit The Break Beach Bar on a late-April night. Walking into the bar, CockFight were just about to start their set. A few weeks before their date as co-openers for the Architects May 12th... Continue Reading →

* Agent Orange, It Starts Today, CockFight @ Vinyl Music Hall. 01/01/11

Ghosts have to rock too? Maybe the New Year's Eve downtown celebration wasn't enough for a roaming spirit on the first night of 2011. Apparently, there is a picture floating around of a smoke filled Vinyl stage and the image... Continue Reading →

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