jukebox superhero

* Gallery Night, Downtown Pensacola. Dew Pendleton, Gravy Flavored Kisses, Jukebox Superhero @ Vinyl Music Hall & Helen Back. 11/16/2012

For a few Fridays every year, Downtown Pensacola opens its arms and Palafox Street to people looking for music, art and entertainment.  This night featured Dew Pendleton at Helen Back and a free concert by Gravy Flavored Kisses and Jukebox Superhero at... Continue Reading →

* 80’s PROM: Jukebox Superhero, The Exploding Boys (Deadly Fists of Kung Fu Tribute to The Cure) + INTERVIEW W/ ZAC HOBBS & JASON HURT 08/24/12

Its prom night and the headlining bands aren’t going to play? The statement on Vinyl Music Hall’s website said it all; “Unfortunately, due to illness, the Ultimate 80’s Tour featuring Bow Wow, Gene Loves Jezebel and Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio... Continue Reading →

* Jukebox Superhero @ Vinyl Music Hall + Company of Ghosts @ Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. 04/29/11

Who was that masked band? Who knew that the Green Lantern was such a cool drummer or that Superman could leap tall buildings while shredding a Guns N' Roses solo? Riddle me this! Did you know that the Dark Knight... Continue Reading →

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