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* David Dondero, Kevin Seconds (of 7SECONDS), Kent Stanton @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ KENT STANTON 10/30/2011

I interviewed Kent Stanton for the first time on a Friday night in July, 2011. We talked for nearly five hours on a bench outside Sluggo’s Vegetarian Restaurant. My recorder died somewhere between the second hour and Def Leppard. I... Continue Reading →

* RAW PANDA RECORDS SHOWCASE: Paloma, Kent Stanton, Pioneers O Pioneers! 08/11/12

Words with Friends...not the game, but the act of sharing words with friends, like Gio Lugo of Paloma. A week before the Raw Panda Showcase at Vinyl Music Hall (Featuring Paloma, Kent Stanton, Pioneers! O Pioneers! and ASHMEN) the Paloma... Continue Reading →

* Kent Stanton Interview Part II

In part one, local artist Kent Stanton talked about growing up in Pensacola, getting to sing backup for Harry Chapin, The Unemployed, and the events that led to a teenage Stanton hanging out with Van Halen. In Part II, Stanton... Continue Reading →

* Kent Stanton @ Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour’s Grand Opening. 07/15/11 + INTERVIEW W/ Kent Stanton

Local artist Scott Alvarez graciously opened his doors to celebrate Skin & Bones Tattoo Parlour's Grand Opening in Downtown Pensacola. The night, featuring music by Travis Legett (Boneless Rats, Company of Ghosts) and local legend Kent Stanton, contained a steady... Continue Reading →

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