long division

* Wake Up the Echo, Long Division @ The Handlebar. 07/09/11

Delving into a Saturday night of local music, Long Division and Wake Up the Echo greeted The Handlebar audience with creations from their sonic laboratories of indie rock. Pushing further into their exploration of sound, Wake Up the Echo (Travis... Continue Reading →

* Titus Andronicus, Vagabond Swing, Long Division @ Alabama Music Box. 04/23/11

Even the soundcheck before a Titus Andronicus show is an intense-filled affair. With Patrick Stickles’ floating gaze fixed on the air above the gathered mass of bodies, the rest of the band checked and prepped in gusts of movement shortly... Continue Reading →

* Pensacola Roller Gurlz “Coming Out” Benefit. The Spanx, Wake Up the Echo, Long Division, Mr. Fahrenheit 11/14/10

In case you have been living in an oil drum, Pensacola has a brand new sports team in town and they are gaining new fans with blazing speed. Our city is now home to the Pensacola Roller Gurlz! Roller Derby... Continue Reading →

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