* Melvins, Red Kross, Toshi Kasai @ Vinyl Music Hall 10/25/19

“Stay away from Downtown Pensacola and that goes for Pensacola Beach too!” – Steven Shane McDonald The warning was more invite from the Red Kross/Melvins bassist to the Vinyl Music Hall crowd finishing off the band’s rocker “Stay Away From... Continue Reading →

* Melvins Lite @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEWS W/ BUZZ OSBORNE & KEVIN BURKETT. 10/15/2012

Friday October 5th, 2012. 9:59 am. Nervous? In one minute I’m going to call Buzz Osborne. What Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi did for musicians of their generation, Buzz Osborne has done for mine. Teenage years of reading guitar magazines... Continue Reading →

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