michael lashan smith

* Mike Watt, Lite, Deadly Fists of Kung Fu @ The Handlebar. 03/21/11

Borrowing the title from a Big Daddy Kane song, there “ain’t no half-steppin” in the artistic world of Mike Watt. In a culture where the phrase “Do It Yourself” is thrown around like confetti, Mike Watt is testament to the... Continue Reading →

* G. Love & Special Sauce, Andrew Greene @ Vinyl Music Hall. 03/16/11

Few artists hold the unique ingredients that are mixed into the sound of G. Love & Special Sauce. With a sold-out Vinyl Music Hall audience in his gaze, Garrett “G. Love” Dutton brought his Philly-born performing skills to Downtown Pensacola.... Continue Reading →

* Eisley, Ives the Band, Christie Dupree, The Spanx @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/12/10

Storytelling. During a set that had their bass player banging a glitter saturated drum and a guitarist that could have passed for the son of Graham Parson’s close friend, Keith Richards, "Ives the Band" lead singer, Jason Tolliver paused the... Continue Reading →

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