mr. gnome

* Mr. Gnome, Pioneers! O Pioneers!, The Spanx @ The Handlebar + INTERVIEW W/ NICOLE BARILLE. 10/17/12

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 The day after Election Day; one of the few times in life when you can talk politics, Halloween and mix them all together. I called Nicole Barille (guitarist/vocalist for Cleveland group Mr. Gnome) for a piece... Continue Reading →

* Mr. Gnome, Hello Crescendo, The Spanx @ The Handlebar + INTERVIEW W/ NICOLE BARILLE 12/10/11.

"I think we eat, sleep and breathe Mr. Gnome. When we’re able to just chill out…I don’t know. Things have been so crazy. Yeah. We’re in a relationship together, so it’s that type of thing outside of just being performers... Continue Reading →

* Mr. Gnome, Hollowman/Badwater, Hello Crescendo @ The Handlebar. 12/07/10

Live music, Beer Buffet and The Handlebar; a trio of good reasons to venture out on a cool December evening in Pensacola, Florida. Devoted to red wines and never really cultivating a taste for beer, I was enticed into enjoying... Continue Reading →

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