Dalton Wright: Man of Music

Dalton Wright wrote his first song in 9th grade. He was part of a folk trio that played cover songs. But Wright wanted to do something different. “So I sat down and I wrote this song,” he said. “I thought... Continue Reading →

* Lettuce, Roosevelt Collier @ Vinyl Music Hall 02/17/2019

“We lost a good friend this Friday. This song is dedicated to Kofi.” – Roosevelt Collier. During Roosevelt “The Dr.” Collier’s set, the Miami-master of sacred steel guitar, stopped his band and shared a tribute to Kofi Burbridge. The multi-instrumentalist... Continue Reading →

* LOCAL SHOWCASE: Transmute, Paloma, Dinosaur Daze @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEWS W/ JOEY AMSPACHER, JON DEALE AND GIOVANNI LUGO 04/26/13

“This is bittersweet because there was a time when Pensacola had nothing. It was nothing but a ghost town. An empty street at seven o’clock, 6:30 even. And all we had was The Handlebar. All we had was Van Gogh’s,... Continue Reading →

* Mike Pinto, Paloma @ Vinyl Music Hall. 08/02/11

After a round of celebratory shots were given to the band by a gracious, young lady in the audience, birthday boy and Mike Pinto drummer, Todd Elrod walked to the microphone and shared his appreciation to the crowd and his... Continue Reading →

* Buckwheat Zydeco, Hollowman/Badwater @ Vinyl Music Hall 10/24/10

My parents took me to my first concert in 1977 to see the O’Jays perform in the Mobile Civic Center. My dad was in the Navy and we had just moved to Pensacola. It wasn’t enough that music was played... Continue Reading →

* Haste The Day & Sleeping With Sirens @ Vinyl Music Hall.10/04/10

FOR MORE PICS FROM THIS SHOW click on this link...Haste The Day Pensacola, FL Flickr page Monday, January 21, 1985. That was the day that I fully committed to Heavy Metal! Ronald Reagan was inaugurated to a second term and... Continue Reading →

* Electric Six, The Constellations and CockFight @ Vinyl Music Hall. Pensacola Florida (Click on Photo for Pics and Story) 10/03/10

CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THE FLICKR PAGE WITH EVEN MORE PICS FROM THE SHOW ......Concert shots: Electric Six, The Constellations, CockFight Sex Appeal: -noun “immediate appeal or obvious potential to interest or excite others, as by appearance, style, or... Continue Reading →

* Trevor Hall, Just Call Me John, Acoustifunk @ Vinyl Music Hall. Pensacola, Florida. 10/02/10

  To check out more PHOTOS from the show, click on the link Trevor Hall, Just Call Me John @ Vinyl Music As I left Vinyl Music Hall on the first Saturday night of October, I was approached by a... Continue Reading →


Showmanship. Chuck Berry embodies it, the Circus breathes it, and that Bad Girl/Boy that you just can’t let go….owns it. Showmanship is the spirit that hordes your attention, steals your concentration and makes you curse yourself when your hear the... Continue Reading →

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