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* Punk Rock Holiday Local Showcase: Earl’s Killer Squirrel, Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs, Operation Hennessey, Guts For Glory @ Vinyl Music Hall. 12/29/12

I’ve never seen it before, but I hope to see it again. Earl Lyon, frontman and founder of Pensacola’s longest running punk band, put down his guitar and finished the band’s set like a punk rock crooner. As the headlining... Continue Reading →

* Supersuckers, Nik Flagstar and his Dirty Mangy Dogs, Scott Chism & The Better Half @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEW W/ EDDIE SPAGHETTI 09/17/12

Calling yourself “The Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band in the World” will get your band noticed. If you back it up for over two decades-on the road and in the studio-your band will also get respect. One week before the... Continue Reading →

* The Independents, Headstone Hangover, Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs, Operation Hennessey @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/27/11

Throwing a fist in the air and one finger into heaven, Evil Presley lowered his head while the band kicked into The Ramones “Blitzkrieg Bop” as a closing salute to the hardcore faithful and The Independents’ late friend and former... Continue Reading →

* Nekromantix, The Howlers, Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs @ Vinyl Music Hall. 09/02/11

It was an evening tryst with the Devil. As the sun ran like hell from the ivory moon and her black shadows of night, rock fury descended onto the stage as the Nekromantix had their pleasure with the Vinyl Music... Continue Reading →

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