Of Montreal

* Of Montreal, Roman Gianarthur, Kishi Bashi @ Alabama Music Box + INTERVIEW W/ KEVIN BARNES. 03/09/2012

Of Montreal’s latest album, “Paralytic Stalks” departs from the dance-groove creations of the group's resent past. Instead of recreating an album of rearview mirror sound, frontman Kevin Barnes directs listeners down darker streets of introspection. For a man who’s most... Continue Reading →

* Of Montreal, Yip Deceiver @ Soul Kitchen. 01/16/11

(This article is a playful review of a concert performance that contains mature themes and imagery) OF MONTREAL A Play in Three Acts Cast of Characters: -Kevin Barnes: The Dapper Frontman. Skilled in playfully gymnastic vocal delivery, guitar chops, equestrianism... Continue Reading →

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