* LOCAL SHOWCASE: Transmute, Paloma, Dinosaur Daze @ Vinyl Music Hall + INTERVIEWS W/ JOEY AMSPACHER, JON DEALE AND GIOVANNI LUGO 04/26/13

“This is bittersweet because there was a time when Pensacola had nothing. It was nothing but a ghost town. An empty street at seven o’clock, 6:30 even. And all we had was The Handlebar. All we had was Van Gogh’s,... Continue Reading →

* DELUNA FEST 2012-The End? + Local artists’ favorite concerts…in Pensacola.

As of April 4th, 2013, the future of DeLuna Fest is unknown. There are plenty of questions and the biggest one has yet to be answered. Will there be another DeLuna Fest? If 2012 was the last year of DeLuna,... Continue Reading →

* RAW PANDA RECORDS SHOWCASE: Paloma, Kent Stanton, Pioneers O Pioneers! 08/11/12

Words with Friends...not the game, but the act of sharing words with friends, like Gio Lugo of Paloma. A week before the Raw Panda Showcase at Vinyl Music Hall (Featuring Paloma, Kent Stanton, Pioneers! O Pioneers! and ASHMEN) the Paloma... Continue Reading →

* DeLuna Fest 2011 Part II @ Pensacola Beach, Florida + INTERVIEW W/ JANE’S ADDICTION DRUMMER STEPHEN PERKINS 10/15/11

“I turned 21 with these guys. My first ménage trios, I think Dave (Navarro) was there. Everything happened with us. And when you get together in a room and start doing the old catalog, that’s a great thrill, but making... Continue Reading →

* Toy Bombs, Paloma, Lucid Lions @ Vinyl Music Hall. 10/04/11

Born in the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah and cut by the sounds of Los Angeles, California, Toy Bombs are aiming to take over the Western Hemisphere one city at a time. The group recently dropped their indie-rock, live... Continue Reading →

* The Suzies, Paloma @ Seville Quarter. 06/28/11+ INTERVIEW W/ Paloma

“There’s time where I beat myself over the head about why didn’t I do this…why didn’t I get into computers, why didn’t I apply myself in other areas better? It’s because I never loved anything the way I love this.... Continue Reading →

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